Measles Outbreak – Have you had your vaccinations

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) declared a national incident in January 23. Efforts to stop the spread of Measles is underway. If you where born after 1971 and we do not have a record of your 2 doses of vaccine, we will be contacting you. The National Campaign running is to raise awareness of

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Changes to Online Patient Triage System from 21st July

We have been operating an online patient triage system called Engage Consult since June 2020. Due to the pandemic and the fundamental changes which we all have had to make to ensure we are being COVID safe at all times. After reviewing the feedback which we have received. We are going to make some slight changes to the online patient triage platform as from the 21st July 2021.

What people said:

  • Its too complicated to set up – We have removed the need to register an account, just follow the link and select what type of help you need.
  • It takes too long to complete – We have removed the need to answer lots of medical questions prior to submitting your issues.
  • Its not easy to raise a request on behalf of somebody else – Anybody can raise a request and just enter the details of who the request is for.
  • People without the internet or smartphones cant use it – This can be done by a friend, relative, carer or by telephoning the practice and completed by the receptionist on behalf of the patient.
  • I don’t know when a clinician messages me as I don’t check my emails – This is now SMS text based, so you will get a direct SMS notification when a clinician communicates with you.

For all current users of Engage consult – no further action is needed, you will just follow the links from our website and continue to submit your request as before using the new platform.

For all patients who have not used our online patient triage, please follow the links on our website which will take you directly to the website to raise your request.

Please watch the short demo of how to use Patient Triage