Winter Illness – Self Care Information

Winter illness season is now here. We are experiencing an increase in requests to manage winter illness which will usually improve without needing to see a GP. All requests received will be assessed by a clinician and an appropriate response will be sent to you. Please ensure you provide full information of your condition. This

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Measles – Mumps – Rubella – Calling all unvaccinated or partly vaccinated adults.

Measles and Mumps infections are happening in Stockport, Greater Manchester, U.K., Europe and America. These diseases may have serious complications including brain infection.

One person with measles can infect 15 to 20 unimmunised people. 15 minutes in direct contact with someone infected with measles is sufficient to transmit the virus.

We will be inviting all adults born between 1971 to 1989 as per the government guidance . If you do not wish to be vaccinated then you will be able to decline the offer and this will prevent any further invitation requests from being sent.

If you have not been invited and do wish to have the vaccine then please contact us either by using our online request form or by telephone 0161 983 5333.

You will require a 10 minute appointment with one of our practice nurses. Please bring any vaccination records to the appointment.

Further information can be found at NHS.UK