Winter Illness – Self Care Information

Winter illness season is now here. We are experiencing an increase in requests to manage winter illness which will usually improve without needing to see a GP. All requests received will be assessed by a clinician and an appropriate response will be sent to you. Please ensure you provide full information of your condition. This

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Waiting for Hospital Appointment or Surgery

Due to the rise in demand post pandemic, waiting times for hospital appointments or surgery has increased. This is outside of the control of the practice and we are not in a position to expedite your wait if you already have been given an appointment or surgery date.

Who to contact if you are concerned

Stockport Medical Group has been provided with two letters for you to use if you want to inform a hospital of a change in your symptoms or wish to inform them of your reason for asking for an expedited appointment.

One is for patients waiting for a first appointment with a specialist and the second is for patients waiting for a follow-up appointment, treatment, or operation.

The quickest way of dealing with your query is to use the appropriate letter in and send it yourself directly to the hospital.

This can be printed & filled in by hand and posted or, completed online and emailed to your Consultants secretary or the Outpatient department at the hospital you have been referred to. If you don’t have an email address, please use [email protected].

 Please document your details and any change in symptoms or why you feel your appointment should be expedited.

In the event of a sudden change in clinical condition that is potentially life threatening, please contact the practice or NHS 111 in the first instance.


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Children’s surgery

Click here for information and advice if a child is waiting for treatment including managing common childhood illnesses, managing pain, mental health, preparing for admission, sepsis, children’s urology services, and children’s dental services.