Winter Illness – Self Care Information

Winter illness season is now here. We are experiencing an increase in requests to manage winter illness which will usually improve without needing to see a GP. All requests received will be assessed by a clinician and an appropriate response will be sent to you. Please ensure you provide full information of your condition. This

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First Contact Practitioner (FCP) Physiotherapy Service

If you are suffering from joint, bone or muscle problem you can ask our reception staff to book you an appointment to initially speak with a physiotherapist, who can then book you an actual appointment if required.

We are unable to book an appointment if you are or have:

  • Under 18 years of age
  • Acutely unwell other than your muscular pain
  • Have rheumatoid conditions already being medically managed
  • Women’s health, ante and postnatal
  • Housebound patients if a visit is required
  • Have neurological and respiratory conditions
  • Suffer from headaches
  • Acute mental health crisis

Long Standing Pain

Shoulder Pain Exercises