Measles Outbreak – Have you had your vaccinations

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) declared a national incident in January 23. Efforts to stop the spread of Measles is underway. If you where born after 1971 and we do not have a record of your 2 doses of vaccine, we will be contacting you. The National Campaign running is to raise awareness of

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Dental Care

We are unable to deal with teeth, gums or mouth pain. You will need to contact your registered dentist. If you do not have a dentist then see the details below.

Call Greater Manchester Urgent Dental Care Service on 0333 332 3800 if your dentist is closed and you need urgent dental care, or you don’t have a regular dentist.

If you have pain in your mouth, teeth or gums, contact your #dentist. Your GP won’t be able to help you

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