Zero Tolerance Policy Reminder

It is with great sadness to report that our staff are being subjected to increasing abuse by patients registered with the practice.

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Opioid Awareness

Opioids are effective analgesics for acute pain and end of life care, however they are of limited use for long term chronic pain. Side effects are very common and up to a quarter of patients taking opioids long term have developed a dependence on them. Long term opioid prescribing for chronic non-cancer pain is becoming an increasing issue in England; as highlighted by the British Medical Association.

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Pain Management

Thinking about opioid treatment for pain

Are you taking opioids for pain

At Stockport Medical Group, we audit patients carefully who are prescribed opioids to ensure that no patient is at increase danger of harm.

We will not prescribe any high dependency drug for pain relief without a thorough consultation and exhausting all pain management solutions.

If you are currently prescribed opioids and wish to discuss alternative options with our pharmacy team, please submit an online request to discuss your medication, or telephone 0161 9835333.