Saturday 18th February Clinic – Have you had your Flu Jab?

Stockport’s NHS is struggling to cope with the surge in influenza (flu) especially affecting children aged under 5. Emergency Hospital beds in Greater Manchester are full. The best way to protect your child (and everyone else in your household) is to get your child vaccinated before Christmas. Please call into the practice as your passing,

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Needle Exchange provided by Healthy Stockport

If you need to return your ‘Needle Sharps’ container, the practice is unable to accept these, however Health Stockport offer a free Needle Exchange Service that various pharmacy participate in.

Needle exchanges aim to reduce harm and risk factors by:

  • providing free clean sterile needles and injecting equipment
  • accepting returned used needles

The needle exchange service is designed to offer non-judgemental and confidential support and advice to those who inject drugs.

Needle exchanges across Stockport


Scorah Chemist, 61-63 North Park Road, Bramhall, Stockport SK7 3LQ
Tel: 0161 439 3744


Cohens Pharmacy, Units 5-6, Berwick Parade, Brinnington, Stockport SK5 8LQ
Tel: 0161 430 3505


High Street Pharmacy, 7 High Street, Cheadle, Stockport SK8 1AX
Tel: 0161 491 1010


Singers Chemist, 15 Church Street, Gatley, Stockport SK8 4NL
Tel: 0161 428 3047


Well Pharmacy, 6 The Hollins, Marple, Stockport SK6 6AY
Tel: 0161 427 3336


Well Pharmacy (Houldsworth Square), 1-3 Gorton Road, North Reddish, Stockport SK5 6AZ
Tel: 0161 443 1416


Lloyds Pharmacy, Unit 2 Chichester Road, SK6 4BL
Tel: 0161 430 2040

Stockport Town Centre

NEX Cirtek House, Higher Hillgate, Stockport SK1 3QD
Tel: 0161 474 1343

Superdrug Stores plc, 4-6 Mersey Square, Stockport SK1 3OY
Tel: 0161 480 3374

Shaw Heath

Lloyds Pharmacy 236 Wellington Rd South, Stockport SK2 6NW
Tel: 0161 480 3371