May Bank Holiday

We will be closed for the Bank Holiday and will re-open on Tuesday 30th May. For all none urgent medical needs please utilise our website for self care or NHS 111 Online or telephone 111 . For any life threatening emergencies please dial 999. Below is further information to help with any urgent health needs over

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GP Patient Survey

The GP Patient Survey is an independent survey run by Ipsos MORI on behalf of NHS England. The survey is sent out to over two million people across England. The results show how people feel about their GP practice.

2020 Results

411 surveys were sent and 127 completed

Overall 87% of patient described their experience as GOOD.

Areas we could improve

2021 Results

387 surveys were sent and 139 completed

Overall 88% of patient described their experience as GOOD which is above the national average and and improvement of 1% despite the pandemic.

We achieved the above improvements by:

  • 49% now find it easy to get through by phone (1% increase)
  • 73% are satisfied with appointment times ( 16% increase)
  • 78% offered a choice of appointments ( 20% increase)

We are pleased that some progress has been made from 2020, however we recognise that this is an ongoing process and the data will be looked at and further ideas to how we can improve some of the above areas will be published. The decrease in patients being able to speak to their preferred GP has been incredibly difficult to maintain throughout Covid, however we are expecting this to improve as the pandemic status is removed and we are not subject to losing clinicians through isolation.

Reminder of improvements made in 2020

  • Introduced an online triage tool, so that some of the telephone demand can be redirected and free up the telephones so that it is easier for urgent calls to be answered promptly.
  • With the introduction of a total triage system, patients now have more flexibility for when an actual face to face appointment can be, which can suit the patient. We also offer an evening and weekend service through the 7 Day Service Viaduct hub. As all appointments are telephone or video triaged initially, this has enabled patients to access the practice without the need to take time off work, again increasing the flexibility that we offer.
  • We offer:
    • Routine weekday appointments between 8.00am – 6.30pm.
    • Evening and Weekend appointments with either the practice or the 7 Day Service.
    • Appointments with a GP, Advance Clinical Practitioner, First Contact Physiotherapist, Well-being coordinator, Midwife and pharmacist.

Continual Improvements are an ongoing process for the practice and we utilise all patient feedback to ensure we are offering the best patient experience and excellent clinical care. We have a duty of candour and deal with all complaints, compliments, feedback and significant events in a professional and learning manner.

We welcome all constructive feedback.