Zero Tolerance Policy Reminder

It is with great sadness to report that our staff are being subjected to increasing abuse by patients registered with the practice.

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Advanced Clinical Practitioner

What is an Advanced Clinical Practitioner?

To help the practice meet the needs of our patients we have introduced ACP’s to the clinical team.  Their role is to deal with the demands for minor illness conditions which DO NOT require a GP to deal with.  In doing so, this enables the GP to be available to manage the patients with complex needs. 

An ACP is a registered nurse who has received additional university education to increase their ability to treat, diagnose, counsel and educate patients, who have Minor Illnesses. They can also prescribe various medications for the patient removing the need for any further appointments.

The ACP will educate and empower you to self manage your minor illness, therefore preventing the need for you to need to visit the surgery in the future as often self care is all that is required without the need of any medical intervention.

Minor illnesses by definition are not urgent or emergency problems. 

Our reception staff will make you an appointment with the ACP, as this is the most appropriate clinician to deal with this type of condition.

Please do not be offended that you have not been offered a GP appointment as this would be not be efficient use of a GP times, which you may need in the future.

What is a Minor illness:

• Minor Injuries
• Constipation
• Diarrhoea & Vomiting
• Minor Burns
• Wounds
• Colds
• Flu
• Sinusitis
• Hay Fever
• Indigestion
• Fever
• Skin Rashes
• Impetigo & Skin Infections
• Urine Infections
• Vaginal Discharge
• Thrush
• Sore Throats
• Coughs
• Ear Infections  
• Middle Ear Infections
• Outer Ear Infections

How long will my illness last?

The average length of time for a minor illness to settle is:
• Acute ear infection (otitis media) – 4 days
• Acute sore throat / pharyngitis / tonsillitis – 1 week
• Common cold – 1½ weeks
• Acute Rhinosinusitis / Sinusitis – 2½ weeks
• Acute cough / bronchitis – 3 weeks

• Under Four Months of age
• Pregnant
• Severe chest pain or severe difficulty breathing
• Having convulsions
• Coughing / vomiting blood
• Sudden loss of sight
• Bleeding profusely from any orifice