Push Doctor Appointments

To ensure that all patients who contact us requiring routine medical care are able to access a clinician we have ensured that we have options available to a patient when the practice has no appointments available, yet medical care is still required.

Push Doctor is a remote GP service. It is not available for urgent care as due to the remote nature it is unable to offer a face to face service. You will require a PC, tablet or smartphone to access the service. It will also require you to register when you first use the service.

Push Doctor will not be suitable for everybody, however for those who find that this method of accessing GP services suits them, this will free appointments with the practice for those who are unable to use remotes services.

Please take a look at the Push Doctor website for more information on how this works. The only difference is that you have to call the practice first and we will text you a link to enable you to register initially. It is not possible to book an appointment directly with Push Doctor as we need to monitor how many patients are utilising this method of service, so that we can review how we offer appointments going forward in the new world with COVID19.

We have had some really positive feedback from patients who have used this service, so thank you :o)

“Good quick response and pleasant people on the other end of the call”

“A service which helps a lot of people who might not be able to go gp so at least get to see a doctor.”

“Great helpful service  really worked well on my  mobile phone”